The Magic of Energy

Creating Magic with Energy

 I am so lucky to be approached to work on exciting projects by clearing blocked energy. Everything is energy and the following example explains what I mean. In my position as Sales Manager in a large Telecommunications company we all believed that it took a new sales representative three months to sell a business telephony system, and we would tell them that when they were employed. Well guess what? Yes, you right it took them three months to sell their first system! A classic example of a stuck belief and getting what you expect. 

By applying my techniques, I have had amazing results with remote property sales, rezoning of industrial area to low cost housing and the sale of other asset type items.

My recent success was at the end of November with a property in Brisbane, it took seven days to sell with no condition of sale and was registered by the 14th of January 2019. I worked from Cape Town with the client in Australia clearing all beliefs and stress linked to the sale, then applied my formula using locations, maps, possibilities, and a bit of magic, the results – a successful sale. It’s not weird it is Science, we can all do it.

Where are your energy blockages? Write them down and release them quickly.

If you have a property that isn’t selling – contact me.