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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix- Re-Imprinting

EFT has been used for over 38 years to help people effectively and quickly overcome many physical and emotional issues. The therapy is made up of self- talk and tapping on certain energy centre’s in the body using tips of fingers on one or both hands. The self-talk is talking the truth about how you are feeling and not covering your feelings up with icing.  After ten minutes of taping research indicates that the cortisol reduces on an average of 23% – allowing you to think more calmly and make better decisions. The effectiveness of this treatment is in its simplicity. Matrix Re-Imprinting allows you to view the memory that surfaced when “tapping” and with a certain procedure you change the emotion in the memory and your powerful mind will then take on the new emotion and it dissolves the trauma in the memory.

EFT  Matrix Re-Imprinting Treatment                    R 750/ $65

Change your beliefs – change your life

Make a commitment to change – you are the only one that can do it.

In person, combination or SKYPE Sessions

SKYPE – International and local clients achieve incredible results from the confidentiality of their home.

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