Why Releasing Limits?

Once a man/woman releases the limitations they have placed on themselves, life becomes fascinating and the “place to be”.

We place limitations on ourselves in the form of illnesses, bad feelings, limiting thoughts and destructive emotions. As an experienced practitioner in the field of energy psychology I treat the underlying cause and the individual immediately starts healing. The most frequent comment I hear is “I have hope again”

While treating a person I teach them about their mental, physical and emotional bodies. Understanding is power and once they understand their own unique issues, and the cause, they heal themselves quickly and easily.

I work with the “Map of Consciousness” from the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. showing individuals how to move from the lower emotions of shame, guilt, apathy, grief and fear to a higher emotional state of courage, willingness, acceptance, and reason. We will never heal anything from these lower states of consciousness.  See diagram below

I have excellent results very quickly sometimes within two to three treatments. I treat Diabetes, pain, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, self-confidence, infertility, addictions, and weight to name but a few.

I work with groups and design programmes for corporate and individuals.

Contact Sharyn Driver – sharyn@releasinglimits.com for detailed information on tailormade programs, executive stress, company training and individual treatments.

Map of Consciousness by David R. Hawkings

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