Releasing Limits provides business and individual therapy and training using the latest Neuroscience clinical methodologies to identify the cause of the stress, apply techniques and fix rapidly.

        ♦ 70 to 90% of visits to Physicians are for stress related problems

♦ Stress is the leading factor in illness – 5 out of the 6 causes of death – Heart disease, Cancer, Strokes, Lower respiratory disease and accidents. Even age-related diseases are caused by stress. A stressed brain has the characteristics of an Alzheimer and an Alcoholic

♦ $ 400 Billion industry with no medical cure in sight

♦ Drugs dull the pain

♦ Spa’s make you feel good and happy for one day

♦ More people die from prescription medication than natural causes (one of the 6 causes however the 2nd leading cause)

Yes, we require a certain amount of good stress to get moving, however by dealing with the cause of worry, anxiety and fears you can convert bad stress (DISTRESS) to Good Stress and lift your energy levels to be more productive, healthier and happier.

Distress – Cortisol Good Stress – Adrenalin
Fatigue Vitality
Depression Enthusiasm
Pessimism Optimism
Illness Positive Outlook
Accidents Resistance to Illness
Irritability Mental Alertness
Lack of Concentration High Productivity
Procrastination High Creativity
Uncommunicative Optimal Personal Wellbeing



No amount of programs, massages, realignments, and brow beating will change the individual until the beliefs are addressed. A belief is a thought you continue to think which causes stress.

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