Client Testimonials – a few

We all like to hear testimonials, however many clients come to me in confidence I have changed the names so that my clients are protected.


“I stopped nail biting after my first EFT session with Sharyn. I had a feeling of not being good enough and was stuck in a job that I wasn’t enjoying. After my third session and doing my daily “tapping” I secured the job of my dreams and am feeling more confident in everything I do” A.B


“I loved the close proximity and the constant eye contact. It made the therapy feel like it could be trusted and that I was safe. I liked the fact that we could chat and laugh during the session and that it wasn’t serious all the time. I also loved the environment of your session room. I felt like I was in a sacred space and that there was support all around us.

I felt the sessions were perfect as they were. I could tell that you were letting your intuition lead and guide you which I think is an essential methodology for a dedicated and successful healer.

It feels like I have accepted that the issue happened and that I can move on. One thing that I have noticed that is wonderful is that I don’t feel like drinking at all any more. I haven’t had a drink since the incident but since the session with you I don’t even feel like having a drink. “S.D

D.E. (the workshop referred to is the weight workshop)

One on One – Not having any expectations, a one on one session is always daunting, but Sharyn is so genuine and allows you to find where you want to take the session. There is no pressure or stress and, in the end, although uncovering issues, you feel revitalized and energetic when you leave. The time seems to be focused only on you and you gain so much insight into the EFT practice, but also into who you are and what issue you have at that immediate time.

Workshop – Sharyn has an amazing way with all who attend her workshops, she put everyone nerves at ease with lots of fun and laughter and serious talks in between. Her workshop was very educational and enlightening. Will definitely attend future events she holds.

I will highly recommend Sharyn to anyone for personal or professional sessions” D.E

S. S

“After the first session around weight, I stressed less about what I was eating, did not feel guilt around what I was eating & in the next 9 or 10 days, I lost 2 kgs

The EFT was gentle, non-intrusive & it shifted with little effort, I was not even focusing on the initial issue” S.S


“I had given up on ever having a good healthy relationship and a baby at the age of 40 –  EFT was my last resort after 6 sessions of EFT with Sharyn I have a relationship and am pregnant carrying like a 25 year old naturally. K.D

A beautiful bouncing healthy girl was born 9 months later – Sharyn 


“I attended Sharyn’s workshop around weight as an observer for 5 sessions – I applied everything Sharyn taught us and stopped worrying about my weight, I went away to the UK and enjoyed myself – and then I noticed that I had released 5kgs without any effort – that has never happened to me my weight keeps increasing every year. S.S


“I was so worried about my increasing weight and was struggling with my job and my relationships. After my EFT sessions I started loving myself, releasing weight, and found a lovely job and a lovely man – we have moved in together and have bought a house” MS

JK (21year old)

“I had no confidence and after the weight release five- week program I released weight and feel so confident in myself and am looking forward to a new career” JK


“I was diagnosed with High Cholesterol and Diabetes – after four EFT sessions when I went for a check- up my Cholesterol and sugar levels where normal – my doctor said I was curing myself of Diabetes – this has been a wonderful experience for me” Brian


Comment after one treatment for a five-year-old of fear of his dog Max. (4 days later)

“Certainly, has been making great progress since the visit. He even allowed Max to lick him the other day😊” E.G


Hi Sharyn, I just want to say thank you once again for all the healing work you did with me. I have felt amazing since our session, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. At the moment I do not feel as if I need another session any time soon, but I will let you know if this changes. Thank you so much for everything, I truly appreciate it! 🌟 A.A. – After one session of RTT

Diabetes testimonial – “I was a Diabetic for 7 years. After 4 weeks of sessions with Sharyn my doctor placed a 2-week monitoring disk under my skin. The results were phenomenal they were averaging normal for the two-week period 😊 I have changed the way I speak to myself I no longer claim the identity of being a Diabetic.”