Transformational Programs – A five-week journey to discover a healthy, happy and successful you.

My packages are designed for the individual who is prepared to make a commitment to finally let go of all the thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that are causing failure, illness and tiredness.

I fully commit to design a program for you which includes one-on-one sessions, daily techniques, follow-up, training on how your mind operates, identifying the beliefs that are holding you back, clearing them, freeing up your energy, and providing you with recordings that are specific to you. You allow the media to unconsciously program you daily, why not choose what you want to be, do and have?

Within this program we will address all the issues that may concern you, for example- Public speaking, procrastination, addictions, pain, diabetes, infertility, anxiety, sales performance, productivity and many more.

You will start discovering magical things about yourself that may have been supressed for many years.

Transformational Program – Designed for you

Investment                                                    R 3,800.00/ $ 280

Speak to me about a payment plan if required.


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